Pilgrims started on the 21st July, 2015 and is an ongoing series featuring BubbaTristonAgain and Tooter356. The main goal of Pilgrims is to build a thriving town and make new friends and residents along the way. In this series, Bubba and Tooter roleplay as Adlim and Riaten, whom go on several misadventures together. On the 20th of February 2016, Pilgrims was cancelled due to Tooter's departure and Pilgrims: Rebirth was created.

Main Characters

BubbaTristonAgain | Adlim

Tooter356 | Riaten

Recurring Characters

Bubblegumpupcakes | Mystery Creature

Additional Details

  • Season 1 was cut short due to a technical issue with tooter356/Riaten's computer
  • Season 1 had originally planned to have 13 episodes with three 1-hour specials
  • Most of Pilgrims is improvised
  • Pilgrims takes place in 17th century 1699
  • Ended 20th February 2016


Season 1 (July '15 - September '15)

"Welcome To Pilgrim Islands" Episode 1

"Invasions" Episode 2

"Fartown" Episode 3

Season 2 (January '16 - ???)

"A New Century" Episode 1

"Riaten's Pub" Episode 2

"Ancient Argument Part 1" Episode 3

"Ancient Argument Part 2" Episode 4

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