Riaten is Tooter356's roleplaying character for roleplaying games. This roleplaying character's first debut was in the series Pilgrims.


Riaten appeared in the early stages of Man. A nursery rhyme tells of a star named Riaten that fell from the sky and crashed into the land. According to other sources, this star was Riaten’s arrival. Records show the being was spotted at multiple places around the world in different eras. When approached, the being disappeared in a flash of bright light. It wasn’t until in the later centuries they found out what he was doing.

Time Of Studying

Between around the early ages and late 18th century, Riaten appeared to be studying the Human Race. The reason for this is currently unknown. During his studies, Riaten made many camps and bases in different parts of the world. Most of the camps and bases were raided by thieves, historians and authorities but none of them had any resources in them except from one base that looked to be abandoned quickly. Left behind were scripts and texts of the human race’s time periods which were deeply detailed. The Time of Studying seems to have stopped by the middle of the Industrial Revolution of the world. One source who claims to have seen Riaten stated that the being had become enraged at the quick advancement of human technology.

Time Of War

The brief Time of War started late 18th century during the Industrial Revolution. Many books detailing the events of the Time of War have written about bright flashes of light that burnt people around Riaten. One book had even gone so far as to state that Riaten “wielded fire like a whip, commanding the flames of destruction and carnage”. The Time of War stopped near the era of the Romantic in 1770 with the last source writing about how one man stopped Riaten with words, calming him. Nobody knows how he did this or what his connection was with him but Riaten had stopped using his destructive powers for unnecessary evil. After this time, Riaten tended to wear a mask that he only wore in certain times.

Time Of Tranquility

The Time of Tranquillity is a period were Riaten was no longer mentioned in books or papers frequently and was regarded as just a story by most of the population. Those who did claim to see him had stated that he maintaned a calm personality and acted much like a human excluding his odd appearance. During this time it is theorised that Riaten hid himself away. It is unknown where the exact location of Riaten was during this period.

Riaten Reawakened

This period of time is the latest stage in Riaten's life here on Earth. According to sources, Riaten had began to change. He was "battling against himself inside his mind" and won but sustained negative effects. Instead of returning to the state of madness he was in during the Time Of War he retained his tranquil personality. During this time, Riaten had changed his appearance to that of a flame-like demon but quickly learnt to regain control over the power and could switch form at will in a moment's notice.

Consistent People

There have been a few people who have been sighted with Riaten a number of times. Some people even think that they are his true friends, despite their humanity. A man named Adlim has been with Riaten throughout his life and has assisted Riaten in many tasks. Another man by the nick name of “Vandilism” has been with Riaten for a long period of time as well. Many people believe that Vandilism arrived with Riaten due to his in-human lifecycle. Authorities around the world are still trying to contact Vandilism but no attempt has been successful.

Riaten In Shows

This keeps track of the shows that Riaten has been in:

Shows Time Era
Pilgrims Time Of Studying
Pizza Pizza Time Of Tranquility
??? ???

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