Tooter356, also known as Riaten, was a recurring character in most of Gamer Time's series. On the 20th of February 2016, he left GTN.


Tooter 2011-2015


Tooter uses the Robloxian 2.0 package

Tooter used to wear colour changing clothes set to brown with the Fire Trooper hat, the Bandit bandana and the Ghost of Roblox Past.

Tooter, since the start of 2015, has started wearing the Dark Omen mask and Snake Slate Hood. With this, he wears The Dark Reaper shirt and pants.

Modern Toots

Tooter Current

Roblox Games

Tooter has created numerous games:

  • Model Building - Place where Tooter creates his models
  • The Middle Of Nowhere - An exploration/discovery game
  • Riaten's Archive - Discover Riaten's secrets

Additional Details

  • Tooter's real name is Riaten
  • Riaten is pronounced Rye-at-en.
  • Great at logic
  • Big fan of Kate Bush
  • Experience with Python and Twine
  • All around great guy

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